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Back to Work

As summer comes to a close, many individuals will be returning to work.  Whether you are a seasonal worker (like a teacher), or simply someone who has taken an enjoyable summertime vacation, many workers will be returning back to the old grind shortly.  Remember, when you return to your job, you must make a concerted […]

Alleviating the Symptoms Associated with Disc Injury

Slip and fall accidents at work can lead to injuries that vary greatly in range. On the more severe end of the scale are spinal disc injuries, such as a herniated disc. or disc bulges. Brooklyn workers compensation chiropractic specialist Dr. Jeff J. Mollins is extremely adept at diagnosing and treating disc bulges and herniations. […]


In his almost 30 years practicing in downtown Brooklyn, Dr. Jeff J. Mollins who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and documentation of injuries sustained by patients involved in accidents (work accidents, automobile accidents, construction accidents, slip and falls, etc.) often has injured patients come to his office presenting with tendinitis. Tendinitis can range from mild […]

Construction Accidents and Chiropractic Treatment

Construction workers have to be highly cautious while on the job to minimize accidents, keep an eye out for potential hazards and stay alert so they can react to danger or a malfunction that can injure and harm them and/or their coworkers. Dr. Mollins works with people injured in construction accidents in Brooklyn and New […]

Dr. Jeff J. Mollins – Accident Specialist

The decisions that have to be made after sustaining an accident are very crucial, possibly life changing. What you decide to do may very well affect you for years to come. Probably the most important decision you will make is choosing a doctor to treat and to document all of your injuries in a professional […]

Slip and Fall Workplace Injuries

In the courts, there are 700,000 personal injury claims in the US each year, a portion of which are on-the-job workplace injuries. It is important that workers see a medical professional immediately after being involved in a work accident to account for any medical injuries or issues incurred. This will ensure you have the best […]

Cervical Radiculopathy Caused By Accidents

As a doctor, treating injuries sustained by patients involved in all types of accidents (work accidents, automobile accidents, construction accidents, slip and falls, etc.) for almost thirty years, cervical radiculopathy is commonly diagnosed and treated in my office. Whether due to a trauma or long term overuse, cervical radiculopathy can be extremely painful, often disabling, […]

Lower Back Pain Workplace Injuries: Causes and Treatment

Low back pain (lumbar) can range from mild to severe. While discomfort of the lower back is one of the most common types of pain anywhere on the human body, it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with when you are suffering. Lower back pain is described as the pain that results from a […]

What Is No-Fault?

No one ever thinks that when they get into an automobile, there is even a remote possibility that they will be involved in a motor vehicle accident. Unfortunately, car accidents do happen, especially when it is least expected. The injuries that result from a motor vehicle accident can range from mild to severe. I strongly […]

Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries and Treatment

As we discussed in a previous blog, injuries that are the result of an on-the-job auto accident are common in Brooklyn and greater New York City area, and whiplash is among the most common of these injuries. Caused by a severe jerk of the head during a motor-vehicle accident, whiplash occurs when your body is […]