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Slip and Fall Workplace Injuries

In the courts, there are 700,000 personal injury claims in the US each year, a portion of which are on-the-job workplace injuries. It is important that workers see a medical professional immediately after being involved in a work accident to account for any medical injuries or issues incurred.

This will ensure you have the best possible chance of receiving any and all workers compensation benefits you are eligible for in a timely and appropriate manner. Brooklyn workers comp chiropractor Dr. Jeff J. Mollins has provided care to injured workers for more than 25 years.

A slip and fall injury may occur in the workplace when the employer has been negligent of their employee’s safety, resulting in an individual to slip and fall. Slip and fall injuries also encompass instances where the individual trips and falls. A slip or trip can happen for a number of reasons, including spills, uneven flooring or stairs, exposed cables, or holes in the floor. They may also occur because of poor lighting or failure to indicate possible danger.

A slip and fall injury can cause pain in a variety of places in the body, including the neck, shoulder, lower back, or arms and legs. It can also cause bones to be fractured or a herniated disc. A chiropractor visit could help relieve pain associated with a number of conditions that may occur because of a slip and fall. Similar to the treatments provided for low back pain, a chiropractor can provide spinal manipulation and manual manipulation to realign the spine. The care of a chiropractor will also increase your range of motion and allow you to recover more quickly.

It is essential to visit a doctor right away if you are injured at work in Brooklyn or nearby, because as with various other types of injuries, you may not feel the full impact of the injury until a later time, when it’s too late to document, or your intentions are in question.

Contact the Brooklyn workers comp doctor office of Dr. Mollins today at 347-657-9521. He works with local patients, and from his vast experience, is able to determine the best course of treatment to get people working again. As a NYS Workers Compensation Board (CO3541-2)-certified chiropractor, Dr. Mollins’ specialty is helping injured workers seeking treatment through workers comp.

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