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What Is No-Fault?

No one ever thinks that when they get into an automobile, there is even a remote possibility that they will be involved in a motor vehicle accident. Unfortunately, car accidents do happen, especially when it is least expected. The injuries that result from a motor vehicle accident can range from mild to severe. I strongly […]

Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries and Treatment

As we discussed in a previous blog, injuries that are the result of an on-the-job auto accident are common in Brooklyn and greater New York City area, and whiplash is among the most common of these injuries. Caused by a severe jerk of the head during a motor-vehicle accident, whiplash occurs when your body is […]

Poor Posture and Back Pain

Dr. Jeff J. Mollins, has been providing health care to the residents of Brooklyn and the surrounding boroughs for well over 25 years. Dr. Mollins is well aware how poor posture can affect the human spine and cause both short and long time detrimental effects. The majority of patients that sustain back pain (back injury) […]

Chiropractic Treatment for On-the-Job Car or Truck Accidents

We all know that a car accident can lead to serious injuries and that a car or truck accident can happen at any time – even when we’re on the job as a driver or driving while fulfilling work responsibilities.. Everything from fractures to concussions could send you on a trip to the emergency room. […]

Work Injuries and Chiropractic

Every year, 3.3 million Americans are injured on the job. These work injuries are not only debilitating, they prevent workers from actively engaging in their personal and professional lives. While some work injuries are a result of a traumatic accident, others can be caused by repetitive injury or overexertion. Dr. Jeff Mollins, has been practicing […]

The Many Causes of Shoulder Pain

In our last blog we discussed how shoulder discomfort is one of the more common pains our patients come to Dr. Mollins’ Brooklyn chiropractic office seeking treatment for. Shoulder pain can affect anyone at any point in life or at any fitness level. Those who work a desk job and people whose job requires manual […]

Children Injured In Automobile Accidents

Children, unfortunately, are commonly injured in automobile accidents. Injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents are the number one cause of accidental death in children. Dr. Jeff J. Mollins, practicing in Brooklyn for almost 30 years, has successfully treated injured children (involved in accidents) for most of his career. Dr. Mollins has treated injured children as […]

Workers Comp Brooklyn Chiropractor Provides Shoulder Pain Relief

One of the most common complaints Dr. Mollins receives at his Brooklyn chiropractic office is pain in the shoulder area, whether it’s the actual shoulder joint, where the shoulder and neck meet or more toward the shoulder blade. Pain in the shoulder region is extremely common and can be debilitating depending on the severity of […]

Injuries Resulting From Cold Weather

Dr. Jeff J. Mollins, Brooklyn’s premier doctor of Chiropractic is well aware that during the winter months there is an increase in the number of accidents that are specifically seasonal. In his almost 30 years in practice, he has observed that every time the weather gets cold there is an alarming increase in weather related […]

Chiropractic: Realigning the Body’s Musculoskeletal Structure

When people think of chiropractic care, they may immediately think “back pain” and that is at least partially correct! Though chiropractors treat a wide variety of injuries and causes of pain, they manipulate the spine in order to ensure the proper spinal alignment that helps keep the body in working order, so to speak. Most […]