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Slip and Fall Injury Claims

Dr. Jeff J. Mollins has been practicing in Downtown Brooklyn for over 25 years. His expertise lies in the diagnosis, treatment, and documentation of injuries sustained in accidents. Some examples of these accidents include construction accidents, automobile accidents (No-Fault), work accidents (Workers’ Compensation), and slip and fall accidents.

People slip and fall all the time. Injuries that occur when people slip and fall can vary from mild to extremely severe. With slip and falls, like Slip and Fall Accident Doctor | Slip and Fall Injury Claims | Brooklyn most accidents, initially a person may not feel the impact of the injury until much later. It’s very important to see your doctor immediately after a fall just to make sure that you have not sustained any injury and if so, that the injury is not severe. Also, the sooner you treat the injury, chances are, the resolution will be much quicker. In addition, seeing the doctor expeditiously will make it easier to correlate (and document) the injuries sustained to the accident.

Here are some important things you should know if you or anyone you know is ever involved in a slip and fall accident:

When a person trips and falls as a result of the negligence of another, then the injured person is entitled to medical benefits paid by the negligent party. Some people have a provision in their policy that will automatically pay for medical benefits for anyone injured on their property, while other insurance policies only pay if they are satisfied that their insured is at fault.

When one falls anywhere, the cause of the fall should always be documented. A cell phone is sufficient to take a photo of a wet floor or a floor without a mat or with a defective rug. Once the cause is documented, medical treatment should be called or sought as soon as possible. The sooner one treats, the easier it is to relate the injury to the fall.

When one falls while working, there is almost always workers compensation that pays for necessary treatment. However, a person injured in a fall should always seek medical attention, as even a trip can cause injury to the back, neck, knees or other areas. The movement to the body that occurs when one slips and/or falls is always unexpected and likely to cause injury that will limit ones motion and be a competent producing cause of pain.

If an individual slips/falls in a supermarket or other business, the owner of that business will always say that the injured party should have been looking where they were going. This is not a valid defense, and a good lawyer can recover if a dangerous condition existed that caused the fall. In a supermarket, for example, the store wants you looking at the shelves and in fact stock the shelves to keep you looking there and not the floor.

In every case the first questions is, did the owner of the property do something unreasonable and the next question is what was the injury  Slip and Fall Accident Doctor | Slip and Fall Injury Claims | Brooklyn that occurred as a result of the unreasonable conduct. In order to establish injury in a slip and fall claim, one must have the testimony of a doctor or the opinion of a doctor describing the injury and attributing that injury to the accident. Quality, competent doctors know the type of tests that are needed to confirm injuries and how to quantify the restrictions in ones ability to move. Quality, competent doctors will treat the injuries sustained from a slip and fall and be able to determine if there is any permanency. All of this is essential to support a claim and to be paid for the injury and for the medical treatment. Many doctors will treat a patient on a lien, which means that the doctor only gets paid if the patient recovers and the doctor’s fees are paid from the settlement and included in the settlement.

Individuals that have been successful in all types of cases such as falling on snow/ice, falling in a stadium, falling in a parking lot and even falling in your own apartment building, are only successful if a knowledgeable doctor can support the claim that the injuries are related to the slip/fall. Dr. Jeff J. Mollins and his expert staff have many years of experience in treating and documenting the injuries of patients who have been involved in slip and fall accidents. Dr. Mollins performs a thorough history and an extensive physical examination so that every detail of the how the accident happened and the injuries sustained are accurately determined and documented. Dr. Mollins also works with referred medical specialists (neurologists, orthopedics, pain management, physical therapists, psychologists, etc) that are also adept at treating patients involved in slip and falls. Diagnostic tests such as general radiology, MRI study, EMG, EEG and VNG studies are also performed as needed, to further properly diagnose, treat, and document injuries sustained by patients involved in slip and falls.

So please, if you incur a slip and fall accident, immediately go to a competent, caring professional. Dr. Jeff J. Mollins is prepared to take care of all your health care needs.

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