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Work Injury Documentation

Work Injury Documentation

New York State is a Workers Compensation State. That means, if you are injured on the job, you can receive payment for your lost wages as well as treatment for any injuries relating to your work-accident. Here’s the catch!! You must go to a doctor who is CERTIFIED by the State Work Injury Documentation | Workers Compensation Paperwork Doctor | Brooklynof New York to treat Workers Compensation patients. For the doctor to be certified he must pass all the criteria for certification and be approved by the State. The doctor will then be given a Workers Compensation number (much like a Medicare number) to permit that Dr. in his/her specialty to treat injured workers under Workers Compensation. Then the doctor has to be trained in preparing and sending the proper documentation for patients to receive proper compensation (also for the Dr. to get paid as well). The Dr. must be proficient at preparing certain forms called C-4’s which must be submitted on a timely basis (at least once per month for every Workers Compensation patient).

Unfortunately, many certified doctors are not adept at handling the paper work for Workers Comp and patients end up suffering either by not receiving the proper compensation for missing work or having difficulty receiving needed treatment due to inadequate paper work. Going to a doctor that does not understand or know how to prepare and submit proper paper work for patients injured on the job is almost like not going to a doctor at all (as far as the Workers Compensation Board is concerned).

Fortunately, Dr Jeff J. Mollins and all of his referred specialists (neurologists, orthopedists, pain management, physical therapy, psychologists, etc.) are not only Certified to treat Workers Compensation patients but also experts at handling all paper work and forms on a timely manner so that all our patients receive both proper compensation and proper treatment…If hurt on the job, let us help you get better and if you are unable to work we can help you get your proper compensation.

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