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What Pre-Existing Conditions Are Covered By Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation serves as a critical safety net for employees, providing financial and medical support for injuries and illnesses that occur in the course of employment. Understanding the scope of coverage is essential, especially when it comes to pre-existing conditions. While the specifics can vary based on jurisdiction, here’s a closer look at common pre-existing […]

5 Challenges In Workers Comp That An Employer Should Know About

Workers’ compensation is a crucial aspect of the employer-employee relationship, designed to protect workers and provide financial support in case of on-the-job injuries or illnesses. However, for employers, managing workers’ compensation can be a complex and challenging task. Here are five significant challenges that employers should be aware of. 1. Rising Costs One of the […]

How Workers’ Comp Is Affected By Job And Wage Growth

Workers’ compensation (workers’ comp) is a system designed to provide financial protection and support to employees who are injured or become ill due to their work-related activities. The relationship between job and wage growth and the workers’ compensation system can be complex, with several key factors at play: Impact on Premiums Job Growth An increase […]

4 Ways An Employer Benefits From Reporting Workers’ Comp Claims Quickly

Unfortunately, a reality among many workplaces are injuries. This is especially true when the industry is high-risk such as the transportation, manufacturing, and construction industries. No matter which industry you work in, there will be accidents. Because of this, reporting an accident quickly is both important and beneficial to the employer. 1. Employee Trust is […]

Understanding the 90 day rule of workers comp

When it comes to workers’ compensation law, one important piece to know about is the 90-day rule, which governs damages stemming from workplace injuries. While the rule will depend on the state that you reside in, you need to be sure that your state has this rule or not. For the most part, the states […]

How To Keep A Workplace Safe To Avoid A Workman’s Compensation Claim

The purpose of workers’ compensation is to provide medical coverage to injured employees and cover any lost wages. However, as an employer, there are ways that a workplace can be safe so that a workman’ compensation claim can be avoided. Plus, when there are a lot of claims for workers’ compensation, it should raise a […]

Does Workers Comp Cover Mental Health

When it comes to mental health and workers’ compensation, the impact can be more far reaching than individuals with physical injuries. With mental issues including depression, stress, and anxiety, the issues may seem impossible to manage and cause injuries in the workplace. Covered Mental Health Conditions Coverage for mental health injuries can be complicated. When […]

Workers Compensation Lies to be Aware of

Many injuries and illnesses that occur in a workplace will involve different circumstances. Regardless of which industry an injury takes place in, there will always be a risk for fraud to occur. In order to be aware of what lies surround workers’ compensation, it is good to be aware of some common types. Fraud While […]

What is the Process of an IME for Workers Compensation

Known as independent medical examination (IME), it is an examination that a doctor performs independently and outside of theinsurer and employer. This examination can be performed at any time whenever the insurance wants it to be conducted as part of your claim for workers’ compensation. When a claim for workers’ compensation is made it will […]

Common Errors To Avoid While Claiming Workers’ Compensation

Many cases for workers’ compensation continue to be complex in nature. Because of this complexity, there are many errors being made while filing for a claim. To get your claim approved and to receive the benefits that you deserve, you should recognize some of the common errors to avoid while claiming workers’ compensation benefits. The […]