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What Medical Tests Are Often Required for Worker’s Comp Cases?

If You have been injured on the job and have opened a worker’s comp case, you should be prepared to undergo a number of different medical tests. Some of these tests will be ordered by your own doctor in order to diagnose and treat your injuries. Others may be ordered by the independent medical examiner […]

Does Workers’ Comp Cover Workplace Violence?

There are many different types of injuries that can occur at work. You can hurt yourself due to someone’s negligence. You can make a mistake that leads to hurting yourself. You can even get hurt from an accident that wasn’t really anyone’s fault. Most of these situations are covered under workers’ comp if they occurred […]

Common Office Workers’ Comp Injuries

Just because you work in an office doesn’t mean you’re safe from injuries. In fact, a good number of office workers file workers’ comp injuries every year. If you’re injured in the office, don’t assume your case is not important or that you cannot get workers’ comp for it. You can, and you should apply […]

Ways to Reduce the Risk of Injury on a Construction Site

A construction site is one of the most dangerous work environments. The number of people working, the tools involved, and the heavy equipment combine to create a number of dangers. It’s easy to end up with a workers’ comp claim, and some of these injuries can result in permanent damage. There are a number of […]

Can You File Workers’ Comp if You Work from Home?

With many people working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, you might be wondering what would happen if you were to have an injury that was related to your job. Can you file for workers’ comp if you get hurt in your own home? As with many legal situations, it depends on how you were […]

Why You Should Seek Help to File a Workers’ Comp Claim

If you have been injured at work, you are likely ready to file a workers’ comp claim. You deserve compensation for your injuries. But before you can get that compensation, you first have to complete the paperwork to get your case started. While some people may tell you that you can fill out these forms […]

Keeping Your Construction Crew Safe from Workplace Injuries

A construction site can be incredibly dangerous if the proper safety protocols aren’t followed. Power tools, large machinery, and unfinished structures all present their own dangers. If you’re in charge of a construction crew or if you work on a construction site, here are a few things you need to keep in mind to prevent […]

What Does it Take to Prove a Repetitive Strain Injury?

A repetitive strain injury or RSI is an injury caused by overusing a part of the body or by being exposed to a repetitive environmental hazard. Carpal tunnel is one of the most well-known repetitive strain injuries. Those who work on a computer for hours a day, often experience this RSI due to the repetitive […]

Using Cognitive Testing to Assess Brain Injuries

Dealing with a brain injury can be incredibly stressful and scary. You want to make certain that the doctor you’re working with diagnoses everything correctly and treats your brain injury in the right way. Cognitive testing is a great tool that can be used to diagnose mild traumatic brain injuries that occur from car accidents, […]