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Pinched Nerve Treatment Through Workers Compensation

Pinched nerves are almost always a sign that something in the spine is out of place. Whether it is a bony impingement where a joint is not aligned and pressing on a nerve or a bulging disc or herniated disk, one of the most successful treatments for relieving the pressure caused by a pinched nerve is through chiropractic care.

Regular visits to Brooklyn chiropractor Dr. Mollins can help keep your body properly aligned and reduce your risk of having pinched nerves in the future.

Pinched nerves are unfortunately a very common injury, especially among those whose jobs require manual labor. Though it’s possible to have a pinched nerve anywhere in your body, the most common sites are in the back and the neck. It’s possible that even sitting at a desk with improper posture, moving awkwardly or too quickly or lifting something with unequal weight distribution can cause a pinched nerve.

What’s more, it doesn’t take much pressure to pinch a nerve. Movements required in the scope of your employment, especially repetitive motions, can be cited as the cause of a pinched nerve, and then treatment may be covered through workers compensation — as long as you complete the proper paperwork and documentation.

A workers compensation chiropractor may choose to reduce the pressure on a pinched nerve in a number of ways. First, adjustments may be necessary to restore the misaligned joints to their proper positions.

When the cause of a pinched nerve is traumatic injury, Dr. Mollins may employ a multi-pronged treatment approach.  To reduce inflammation, pain, or muscle spasms associated with the pinched nerve, an ultrasound or ice pack can bring down swelling and improve circulation.

We are happy to report that a majority of our patients usually feel a bit of relief immediately following their first treatment for the pinched nerve. However, in order to address the injury and maintain healthy alignment, regular adjustments are usually required.

As contradictory as it sounds, having a pinched nerve does not always mean that the nerve is actually being pinched. Pinched nerves may also include stretched nerves, constricted nerves, or compressed nerves. The pain from a pinched nerve may stay in the general area of the nerve and misaligned joint, but it may also radiate throughout the limbs and reduce your range of motion.

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