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Chiropractic: Realigning the Body’s Musculoskeletal Structure

When people think of chiropractic care, they may immediately think “back pain” and that is at least partially correct! Though chiropractors treat a wide variety of injuries and causes of pain, they manipulate the spine in order to ensure the proper spinal alignment that helps keep the body in working order, so to speak.

Most know that the spine is the basis for all movement of the body, so when it is misaligned the potential for pain significantly increases. Lower back pain is one of the most common medical complaints, and depending on how the area was injured, this pain can range from mild to severe in nature.

Today, many people make a living sitting at a desk nearly all day. While this may seem like an easy thing for the body to handle, sitting in one position all day, sometimes slumped in front of the computer at a work station, can cause a multitude of problems. Hunched at your desk for several hours on end every day puts unnecessary strain on several parts of your body and is a hard habit to break.

It’s extremely important to maintain mobility in the body’s joints, which can be stiffened by a traumatic injury like a fall, or by overuse injuries, which are also known as repetitive motion injuries. Realigning the body’s musculoskeletal structure, specifically the spine, can allow the body to move more freely and with less pain, sometimes without medication. Though some people find enough relief through chiropractic treatment, others may also require conventional medical treatment.

Dr. Jeff J. Mollins, DC has treated thousands of injured people at his Brooklyn chiropractic office in the last 25 years for overuse injuries, slip and falls, injuries caused by car accidents and other injuries that can occur in the scope of one’s job responsibilities.

As a New York State Workers Compensation Board-certified chiropractor, Dr. Mollins has been able to treat the hardworking people of Brooklyn and beyond for injuries incurred on the job for the last 25 years.

If you sustain a work related injury, you can be treated at no cost through workers compensation, but in order for this to be possible, you have to be treated by a workers compensation certified doctor. Contact Dr. Mollins today at 347-842-4045.

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