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What Type of Doctor Should You See For Your Workers Comp Injury

When a worksite injury is sustained, you will likely experience a good amount of stress. When your employer only advises you to go see a doctor, you need to know which type to see. Of course, the type of injury will determine the type of doctor you should see. The different doctors will also provide different options of treatment to achieve the best recovery. Below are the most common types of doctor you should see for your workers comp injury.

An Orthopedist

When you schedule an appointment with an orthopedist, your injury will be associated with the bones. So if a broken bone occurs, then your best bet for care will be with an orthopedist. Some symptoms that an orthopedist can help treat and alleviate involve bruising, numbing, swelling, and tingling sensations. Many methods exist that an orthopedist can utilize, which will be determined by the injury´ severity and where the injury is located. There are various ways a broken bone could happen as well as a break taking place in more than one spot.

A Physiatrist

This specialist can diagnose and treat several types of injury involving bones, nerves, spinal cord, and joints. This would be a perfect choice if injury is considered extensive in nature. An injury considered extensive may involve falling or slipping. Treatment may include any type of physical therapy. When a treatment plan is designed, it will be used to enhance the health of the individual through changes of lifestyle and managing weight.

When an individual is overweight, the Physiatrist will make healthy suggestions involving food choice so that the issue can be controlled. If changes in lifestyle are needed, then the Physiatrist will make suggestions involving smoking habits or being able to lower stress and anxiety. When damage is caused to nerves, they will be able to provide pain management through the use of injections. Eventually, the injury will lessen.

The Pain Management Specialist

When you visit a pain management specialist, they will be treating your chronic pain that you constantly experience due to your injuries. Your pain management specialist will assist with physical therapy and occupational therapy.

When an injury is taking longer to heal than anticipated, then you will receive great benefits from pain management. The main course of treatment will include medication so that the patient can enjoy a normal life again. The extent of injury can easily affect your ability to enjoy normal activities of daily living.

When pain is chronic in nature, then medication will likely be involved including narcotics and can be in conjunction with therapy.

A lot of research has been put into pain management concerning how to combat the conditions leading up to it so that medication can be avoided. A few of the treatments that can be utilized involve vitamin supplements, therapy, whirlpool therapy, acupuncture, and a nerve treatment known as TENS.


When needing treatment for a work-related injury, it is good to know that there are options available for help. Having more than one choice in providers is also a good thing. So if you are unsure of which type of provider is best for your injury, you contact us today. That way, you can begin a treatment plan that best suits your needs.

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