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How Does a Disc Problem Differ from a Muscular Issue?

If you’re experiencing back pain, it’s usually the result of a muscular issue or disc problem. However, the two can have extremely different treatments. In order to restore your health and get you back on your feet, you need to understand the difference between a disc problem and a muscular issue.

Let’s take a look at a few of the major differences between a disc problem and a muscular issue to help you better understand why you may be experiencing pain from an injury incurred on the job.

What is a Disc Problem?

A disc problem is an injury to a spinal disc, or the area between the vertebrae. A disc problem can take many different forms, such as a herniated disc. This kind of injury can cause pain in the spine, weakness of the extremities, or even numbness in the limbs.

If you suffer from a disc problem, the pain does not subside on its own. Even with proper rest and relaxation, a disc problem will need special treatment in order to fully recover. In some instances, back surgery is necessary to repair the disc.

What is a Muscular Issue?

A muscular issue is an injury to the muscle, not the spine. When the muscle fibers or tendons are damaged, torn, or overstretched, you experience pain. If your muscle is damaged, you’ll likely experience swelling or redness and potentially some bruising. Your muscles may also be weak.

A muscular issue can resolve on its own. After a week or two, you may notice that the pain is subsiding. If you have damage to a muscle, this can often be treated with ice and heat, as well as anti-inflammatory pain medication.

Properly diagnosing your injury is important for ensuring you get proper treatment. If you’re still unsure whether or not your back pain is the result of a muscular issue or a disc problem, you’ll want to see a chiropractor as soon as possible to help you get the right diagnosis.

To get a proper diagnosis and start down your path to recovery, contact the workers compensation chiropractic office of  Dr. Mollins today. To schedule your first appointment, call our Brooklyn, NY office at 347.842.4420 today.

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