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Chiropractic Treatment for Sciatic Pain

Sciatica, which is characterized by a pain in the leg or rear that is sometimes associated with weakness or numbness in the foot, can cause pain that can drastically reduce quality of life. While it is usually only located in one side of the body, the pain associated with sciatica can travel from the back all the way down to the foot or toes.

Pain in the sciatic nerve pain varies greatly in severity and frequency- each patient may experience different ranges of sciatic pain in a short time period: from minimal, moderate, severe and intermittent or constant.

Because sciatica can be caused by the narrowing of the spinal canal, degenerative disc disease, one vertebra slipping over another, or excess strain on the spine, a chiropractor is most often recommended for treatment. Other causes of sciatica include sleeping on a bed without enough support, wearing high heels, or holding excess weight.

It is often very painful, and unfortunately it’s quite common. This condition can arise as the result of an accident, such as a workplace accident, car accident, slip and fall, or a construction accident.

There are a number of ways that Brooklyn workers compensation chiropractor, Dr. Mollins may recommend treating sciatica, each depending on what is believed to be the cause of the pain.

A chiropractor may recommend cold therapy to reduce inflammation or an ultrasound to help increase circulation to reduce spasms, cramping, or stiffness. Under most circumstances, a spinal manipulation – or adjustment – will be needed. This can help to restore the spine to its proper alignment to restore range of motion and reduce pain.

When it comes to on-the-job injuries, it’s crucial to identify the issue before beginning any treatment. Dr. Mollins always first to diagnose, then to treat. A detailed history will also help Dr.Mollins understand the mechanics of the injury, helping him to diagnose as accurately as possible.

Dr. Mollins is an expert in the diagnosis, treatment, and documentation of injuries sustained by patients injured on the job. His office is meticulous with all paperwork to provide proper documentation so that under New York State Workers Compensation, all treatment may be provided at no cost.

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