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Injured Brooklyn Construction Workers Chiropractic Treatment

Thousands of construction workers are severely injured or killed each year while on the job at construction sites in New York and beyond. Brooklyn construction workers who become injured doing construction or demolition work are protected under New York Labor Law- a set of special laws which serve to provide adequate protection and safety to construction workers and to provide safe and appropriate devices needed to conduct most construction work.

Dr. Jeff Mollins, DC specializes in the most advanced methods of injury treatment and medical documentation for injuries covered by workers compensation. If you are a construction worker who has been injured by some of the most common construction accidents, such as a fall from some sort of platform, a scaffolding collapse, a wall or trench collapse, a slip, trip or fall into a dangerous opening, or if you have been injured by broken or malfunctioning equipment, a defective ladder or some other injury under the scope of your duties as an on-site construction worker, it’s very likely that you will receive coverage of your medical treatment through workers compensation for the injury, as long as it incurred on the job.

In order for injured Brooklyn construction workers to secure workers comp coverage for the treatment of their injuries, they must be sure to document the injury in full- immediately. The longer to wait, the more problems you may run into when it comes to getting the reimbursement and/or coverage you deserve due to your unfortunate accident- regardless of its severity.

New York Labor Law protects the hardworking construction workers throughout Brooklyn and New York State. Though safe working conditions are a legal requirement, accidents still happen. As we mentioned above, construction accidents lead to injury- whether severe or minor in nature- that may be treated by a New York State-certified workers compensation chiropractor.

If you have sustained injuries to your neck, back, shoulder, knees or even head as a result of a construction accident and reside in Brooklyn, NY Dr. Mollins can help put you on the path to recovery.

Dr. Jeff J. Mollins has 25 years of experience getting his patients back to work and feeling healthy through New York State workers compensation. Call 1-718 802-0800 to learn more about the chiropractic services Dr. Mollins provides in his downtown Brooklyn office.

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