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Tips for Avoiding Accidents at Your Home

If someone falls and gets hurt at your home, there’s a chance that you will be liable for their injuries and all of the costs associated with those injuries. Slip and fall claims do rely on the injured party being able to show that you were negligent in some way. If a person walking on […]

What is a Physiatrist?

Dr. Jeff J. Mollins, Brooklyn’s premier accident specialist, has been diagnosing, treating, and documenting injuries sustained by individuals hurt in accidents (automobile, slip and falls, work accidents, construction accidents) for 30 years. Dr. Mollins works very closely with a group of referred medical specialists to provide comprehensive care to his injured patients. One of the […]

When is a Fall More than Just an Accident?

Sometimes, a fall is truly just an accident. You put your foot down wrong or aren’t paying attention to uneven ground. These accidents couldn’t have been prevented, and they are no one’s fault. However, sometimes a fall is more than that—sometimes it occurs because of something someone else did or did not do. When this […]

Treatment of Injuries with Chiropractic

Dr. Jeff J. Mollins, Brooklyn’s premier accident specialists, has been diagnosing, treating, and documenting injuries sustained by patients involved in accidents (construction, automobile, work-related, slip and fall) for close to 30 years. As a practicing chiropractor himself (Dr. Mollins is a Diplomat of the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners), Dr. Mollins is well aware of […]


It is extremely difficult to determine the severity of an injury sustained in an accident (automobile, slip and fall, work, or construction) at the onset. Surprisingly, many injuries that may initially seem serious, often turn out to be not as bad as first anticipated. Conversely, many injuries sustained by accident victims that appear mild at […]

Tips to Reduce the Risk of Slip and Fall Injuries at Your Business

Having a customer file a slip and fall injury case can do more than cost you money, it can damage your reputation. This is especially true if the victim makes a big deal out of the case. You may find yourself losing customers in addition to dealing with all of the costs that come with […]