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What is the Process of an IME for Workers Compensation

Known as independent medical examination (IME), it is an examination that a doctor performs independently and outside of theinsurer and employer. This examination can be performed at any time whenever the insurance wants it to be conducted as part of your claim for workers’ compensation.

When a claim for workers’ compensation is made it will usually incorporate a different perspective when getting treated. This makes it more important that the examination be conducted so that you have all of your treatment options covered.

Your IME can easily show if restrictions have been implemented which may cause a change in compensation, or inhibit you from working at the same job again.

On top of the independent medical examination, you should still be seen by your personal doctor so that you have their own opinion on what you have for treatment. While the reasons for an IME are vast, for workers’ compensation purposes they will be included to:

  • Decide if medical treatment is warranted and if surgery is needed.
  • Decide if you can return to normal or limited work.
  • Decide if you are incapacitated
  • Decide on the amount of impairment you have sustained.

The IME Purpose

When an IME is conducted for a workers’ compensation claim, it will be requested by the insurance company. This examination may also take place when your attorney also asks you to attend one. When you have attended the examinations you will have a good amount of documentation that explains the entire injury from the start. As you prepare for the exams it is important that you allow the doctor complete access to your medical records and provide a complete medical history. This way, you will have a complete treatment plan and they can completely determine if you should return to work in a full or partial manner.

What The Examiner Does

Before your independent medical examination, the doctor will review your complete medical history as well as the circumstances leading up to the injury. This will give an idea of what your current conditions are and what to look for during the examination. In the end, you will receive a full examination by the time the examination is complete.

Expectations From The Independent Medical Examination

The exam that is conducted independently is an exam the insurance company will require when it comes to claim management for workers’ compensation claims. You should be aware of this because the results of the exam can affect the amount of the claim and to manage any associated fees. The exam will also be an influence on the amount an insurer will pay in a full settlement or in weekly payments.

Get Your Independent Exam Today

When you are in need of an independent medical exam (IME), you need to understand that it is an important part of the workers’ compensation claims process. When you are in need of having an IME, get in touch with us today and you’ll be on the road to recovery.

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