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Which Type of Chiropractor Do I Need?

When you are in need of a chiropractor, then you should know that they are all different. Although their title is the same, their methodologies and train of thought vary. With that, the treatments that a chiropractor provides may differ and as a result a patient may go to see a certain type of chiropractor based on their needs. A lot of times, when one chiropractor is unable to treat a patient, they will refer them to another chiropractor.

The Two Classifications of Chiropractor

A chiropractor is classified as either a musculoskeletal chiropractor or traditional wellness chiropractor. The musculoskeletal chiropractor will concentrate on symptom relievement of the spine and back. With the traditional wellness, the chiropractor focuses on correcting misalignments and other structural issues.

To have a better idea of what these chiropractors do, you need to know what the chiropractors do specifically when you go to visit one.

Relieving Symptoms with a Musculoskeletal Chiropractor

The musculoskeletal Chiropractor concentrates on relieving the patient’s symptoms in relation to spinal conditions, headaches, or pain in the back. The chiropractor is able to conduct adjustments using manipulation to conduct successful treatments. As a manipulation is conducted, they use some strength on the spine to ensure that it will correct a fixation through realignment and pain reduction.

Pressure tools can also be used on the joints and spine. When using the tool, they will not need any surgical intervention. Other treatments may involve injections and other pain medications. Your musculoskeletal chiropractor will also keep an eye on spine symptoms and ensure that they remain under control so that they do not become worse. They also assist in relieving pain and discomfort associated with discs and joints.

Providing Wellness through Traditional Chiropractors

With the traditional chiropractor, there will usually be set procedures and practices in place that they follow to ensure that optimum health and treatment is achieved. They incorporate the newest techniques that the chiropractor has available.

Chiropractors who offer traditional treatment methods utilize therapies that are manual in nature. These therapy types will help keep vertebrae aligned. This chiropractor will concentrate on the nerves to eliminate any abnormalities and restore the posture and spine. This chiropractor will help encourage the body’s wellness and improve movement.

The treatments provided are able to take effect rapidly and you will see a big difference even prior to the posture being corrected. The symptoms of headache, back pain, and even mood can be alleviated.


When you are in need of treatment from a chiropractor, it is good to know that you have options. So when you are needing to make an appointment, go ahead and get in touch with us today.

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