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Most Common Orthopedic Surgery Techniques

It can be hard dealing with medical problems. Not only does the patient have to go through discomfort while being unable to enjoy normal activities, but there is no way to know if a chronic condition will improve.

If surgery is needed, then the amount of fear can be even more. With that, some relief may be obtained regardless of how many times surgery may be needed. Of course, there will always be a risk involved, but the good part is that most orthopedic surgeries are considered successful.

In order to help put your mind at ease, below are the techniques commonly used for orthopedic surgeries:

ACL Repair

When the ACL gets damaged or tears, there will always be a likely need for surgery. With this ligament located in the knee, it plays a major role in the way you walk and your gait, in general. When surgery is needed, the orthopedic surgeon will either transplant the ligament or be able to repair the ligament as it is. When completed, the patient will not need to remain in the hospital and can be sent home to recover.

Knee Replacement

Having a complete knee replacement will be determined by the extent of injury. The amount of damage may call for a full replacement or partial replacement of the knee. The main cause is due to the cartilage being damaged within the joints. This causes a severe amount of pain when movement takes place.

Shoulder Replacements

When a shoulder replacement takes place, the orthopedic surgeon will be incorporating a metal ball into the shoulder socket. The portion that is damaged will be taken out, and a prosthesis will be inserted. The surrounding ligaments and tendons will then keep the shoulder stable.

Hip Replacements

A hip replacement can be completed in two different ways. The first method is a traditional replacement, where a prosthesis replaces the joint. The second is known as the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing, where the orthopedic surgeon replaces portions of the damaged hip. The latter is not as invasive, and the recovery time is not long.

Knee Arthroscopy

Having an arthroscopy of the knee does not require much to complete and is not very invasive either. The orthopedic surgeon creates an incision for a camera to be inserted along with the surgical tools. This camera is the surgeon’s eyes and permits a visualization of the joint from inside. A screen projects the images so that the doctor can easily manipulate their tools to conduct the repair.


No matter what type of orthopedic surgery you need, your surgeon will do everything to ensure it is a success. Although the above techniques are the most common, you can get a hold of us today to discuss the options available for your specific case.

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