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Documentation of Injuries

Dr. Jeff J. Mollins, Brooklyn’s #1 accident specialist, has been diagnosing, treating, and documenting injuries sustained by accident victims for 30 years. Dr. Mollins is well aware that proper documentation of injuries is important when treating all patients but even more important when treating patients involved in accidents (construction accidents, car accidents, work accidents, and slip and falls). Proper documentation of injuries may have a huge impact on the amount of compensation an injured worker may receive and can mean the difference in thousands (or more) of dollars an accident victim may acquire as a result of a lawsuit. Dr. Mollins utilizes various evaluation methods to provide concise proof and documentation of the injuries sustained by his accident patients.

Documentation is performed in the following manner:

  • History – A careful history is vital to provide accurate documentation. Dr. Mollins is well aware that when it comes to accidents, understanding the mechanism of how that accident occurred is extremely important. Dr. Mollins will ALWAYS ask the patient to describe the accident. By understanding the mechanism of the accident, Dr. Mollins has a better insight as to what the injuries are and how serious they may be. Another essential part of the history is knowing if the injured patient had any previous accidents or injuries. Whether or not our injured patient has had a pre-existing condition (injury) is crucial in the determination and documentation of the injuries sustained.
  • Physical Examination – Is extremely important in determining a proper diagnosis and obtaining accurate documentation. Dr. Mollins typically performs a neurological and orthopedic evaluation on each patient. One of the essential elements of the physical examination is range of motion. By quantifying the range of motion of the injured region, Dr. Mollins can accurately quantify degree of injury and ultimately determine if there is permanency.
  • Diagnositic Testing – This testing provides objective evaluation of the specific injured regions. General radiology (x-rays) and/or MRI study provides a structural visual picture of the regions involved that may be injured. EMG/NCV study provides functional testing of the injured regions.
  • Comprehensive Medical Documentation – Dr. Mollins works with a group of referred medical specialists. This enables Dr. Mollins to treat any possible condition that may arise as a result of the accident sustained but in addition it enables him to provide uncontested documentation (from many providers). Some of his referred medical providers include neurologists, orthopedists, and pain management specialists.
  • Permanency Evaluation – After a patient has been treating for a long time and Dr. Mollins believes that this patient (injured in an accident) has reached the maximum benefit from treatment and will not show any significant improvement, he will deem this patient to have a permanent injury. He then will perform a “permanency evaluation”. By combining examination findings and diagnostic testing he can provide a quantitative prognosis and level of permanent disability. This evaluation is extremely useful to patients involved in work injuries, and personal injuries as well.

So, remember, if you are injured in an accident, call Dr. Mollins immediately. Not only will you get quality care but perfect documentation as well.

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