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Should You See a Neurologist?

A neurologist is a specialist who deals with damage to and diseases of the spinal cord, the central nervous system, and the brain. If you’ve had a serious worker’s comp injury that may have caused damage to your back, neck, or head, you may need to see a neurologist. There’s a possibility that you could have an injury that you can’t see or even tell exists for quite some time. Unfortunately, many people don’t see a neurologist because they don’t believe they have one of these injuries. Here are some of the signs that you need to see a neurologist after you’ve been hurt.

You’re Experiencing Headaches

If you’ve started experiencing more headaches than normal or headaches that are much worse than you normally get, it may be a sign of brain injury or damage to your upper back or neck. There can be many things that can cause headaches, but often, people simply suffer through instead of seeking medical attention. If you start having new symptoms with your headaches, including blurry vision, vomiting, or chronic headaches, you should see a neurologist.

You Get Dizzy

Dizziness can be another sign that you’ve experienced damage to your nervous system. This is especially true if you rarely got dizzy before your accident or if you now seem to get feelings of vertigo or dizziness often. 

You Experience Chronic Pain in Your Back, Neck, or Head

Chronic pain is not normal, and if you start experiencing this type of pain, you need to see your doctor right away. Chances are, they will refer you to a neurologist for further testing, especially if there’s no readily apparent cause such as a bulging disk in your back. You should especially seek out a neurologist if the pain is accompanied by weakness, numbness or issues with bladder control.

In fact, feeling weak or having numbness in any part of your body can be a sign of neurological damage on its own. Just because you’re not feeling pain doesn’t mean you haven’t injured yourself in some way. Sudden or chronic weakness or numbness can be a sign of serious damage, even if you never hurt that much.

Let Us Help

If you’re experiencing pain, weakness, headaches, or dizziness from an injury at work, contact the office of Dr. Jeff Mollins today. We will perform a full workers comp evaluation and find the right neurologist for you to see. Call our office in Brooklyn today to make an appointment.

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