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Tips for Keeping a Construction Zone Accident-Free

Many accidents occur daily on construction sites across the country. Unfortunately, any industry that involves using power tools, heavy materials, and large equipment is going to see a higher rate of accidents than others. But that doesn’t mean your construction crew can’t be kept safe. You can lower the number of construction accident claims that occur on your project sites by following a few simple safety tips. Here are some things you can do to keep your construction zone accident-free.

Train Your Team

Every construction worker who is new to your company should go through a safety training program. They need to know everything about basic safety in the workplace. Even those who have worked in construction for years should have a refresher in safety at least once a year. You also need to make certain that every crew-member who uses a power tool or operates a vehicle has been trained to do so and understands how to safely perform the task they are doing.

Keep the Work Site Uncluttered

A number of workplace accidents in all industries occur because someone trips over something lying on the floor or stumbles over a cable. At a construction zone, this can be even more painful because an employee may trip over something sharp such as a saw or fall upon something that could cut them. All employees need to know to put away tools when they are finished with them and to move any debris or materials out of the walkway.

Wear Appropriate Safety Gear

Another vital safety tip is to make certain everyone on the work-site is wearing the correct safety gear. This includes hardhats, goggles, gloves, and all other appropriate safety equipment. Every crew-member should know what they need to wear when operating specific equipment, and that gear should be readily available. Visitors to the work-site also need to wear appropriate gear such as hardhats.

Keep the Area Well-Lit

Having your construction site well-lit is a good idea for two reasons. First, it ensures that your crew can see what’s going on at any time of the day or night so they can avoid injury. Second, it helps keep people out of the area at night. Anyone who sneaks into your site could steal tools, vandalize the area, and get hurt themselves.


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