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When is a Fall More than Just an Accident?

Sometimes, a fall is truly just an accident. You put your foot down wrong or aren’t paying attention to uneven ground. These accidents couldn’t have been prevented, and they are no one’s fault. However, sometimes a fall is more than that—sometimes it occurs because of something someone else did or did not do. When this occurs, you may be able to make a slip and fall injury claim. But when do you know if you have a claim and when something was truly an accident?


If you fall because someone was negligent, it’s not just an accident, it was a situation someone caused. Normally, you would not have fallen had the person taken the action they should have taken. For example, if you slip on a recently mopped floor because there was no caution sign put out, you can sue for negligence. The person who mopped the floor should have made it clear that the area was wet and should be avoided.

Another instance of negligence occurs if you fall due to uneven or broken tiles, cement, or other flooring at a business, public area, or even a parking lot. If these areas are not maintained, you can sue for damages due to the lack of action taken by the owner.

Actions that Lead to Falls

Other times, the actions of someone can lead to a situation that results in a fall. For example, if someone were to run an extension cable across a doorway and you tripped over it, that action led to your fall. You can then sue the company for slip and fall damages.

The Situation Matters

Of course, the situation matters. If you’re a customer, invited guest, or a delivery person and you slip and fall on a property, you will most likely be able to sue for damages. If, however, you were breaking and entering or were clearly trespassing on the property and get hurt, you may not have a case. The situation does impact whether or not you can claim damages.

Work with an Experienced Slip and Fall Expert

Before you file for damages, you want to make certain your case is valid and that you have all of the evidence you need to win. For that, you want to work with an experienced slip and fall expert. Dr. Jeff Mollins is one of those experts. Contact his office today to learn more about a slip and fall injuries.

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