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Back Pain & Pregnancy

Dr. Jeff J. Mollins has been practicing in Brooklyn for almost 30 years. Dr. Mollins is an expert in the diagnosis, treatment, and documentation of patients injured in all types of accidents. Throughout his many years in practice, Dr. Mollins will often treat patients that have back pain who are pregnant. Dr. Mollins has been extremely successful in alleviating the symptoms of back pain that commonly occurs throughout the pregnancy phase.

Back Pain & PregnancyBack pain or discomfort is common during pregnancy and should be expected to some degree by most women. Back pain may be experienced during any point of pregnancy, but most commonly occurs later in pregnancy as the baby grows. There are many causes of back pain during pregnancy. Some of them are the following:

Increase of hormones – hormones released during pregnancy allow ligaments in the pelvic area to soften and the joints to become looser in preparation for the birthing process; the shifts in joints and loosening of ligaments may affect the support your back normally experiences.

Center of gravity – your center of gravity will gradually move forward as your uterus and baby grow, which causes your posture to change.
Additional weight-your developing pregnancy and baby create additional weight that your back must support.

Posture or position – poor posture, excessive standing, and bending over can trigger or escalate the pain you experience in your back.

Stress – stress usually accumulates in weak areas in the body and because of the changes in your pelvic area, you may experience an increase in back pain during stressful periods of your pregnancy.

Accidents – women who are pregnant (just like everyone else) are involved in motor vehicle accidents. Pregnant women at work, due to the uneven weight distribution (especially in the third trimester), may have a tendency to have work accidents. Excessive sitting, bending, and lifting at work may cause back pain. Awkward ambulation may cause pregnant women to have slip and falls, and other types of work injuries.


Fortunately, Chiropractic treatment is probably the best way to treat back pain sustained by pregnant women. Since medication is contraindicated, conservative chiropractic care is the perfect choice for treatment of back pain.

When Dr. Mollins initially evaluates pregnant patients suffering from back pain, he will initially perform a comprehensive physical examination. He will then begin a course of treatment consisting of chiropractic spinal manipulation augmented by manual massage. The majority of patients will respond extremely well to this type of treatment.

Remember (even though pregnant) if you have a work related injury (due to excessive sitting, lifting, bending or any other injury sustained at work … such as slip and fall etc.) you can be treated at no cost and be paid if your are unable to work, through workers compensation. When you are physically able to return to work you can still be treated at no cost. Dr. Mollins, certified workers compensation doctor, has made a commitment for all his patients to achieve wellness as expeditiously as possible. If your are pregnant and suffer from back pain (especially if it’s due to an accident) call Dr. Mollins immediately!

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