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Questions for the Chiropractor: Is My Pain Permanent?

When you’re dealing with the pain of a workplace injury, it can feel like you’ll never feel “normal” again. For neck and back pain, trying to find relief can be a daily struggle. However, there is good news.

In most instances, your neck or back pain can be reduced. With the right treatment from your chiropractor, you can reduce your neck or back pain so you can live comfortably once again.

Cause of Your Neck/Back Pain

The cause of your neck or back pain will influence what treatment your chiropractor recommends. In the workplace, there are many different ways your neck or back may be injured. From the discomfort of staring at a computer screen all day to more serious neck or back injuries that result after a fall or an accident, the source of your pain will be important for reducing the symptoms you experience.

Based on your neck or back pain cause, New York State-certified workers compensation doctor Dr. Mollins will issue a series of adjustments designed to help realign your spine. If other forms of treatment or rehabilitation are necessary to reduce or eliminate your neck pain, Dr. Mollins can recommend or prescribe them as well.

Your Neck and Back Pain Won’t Go Away On Its Own

If you’re experiencing neck and back pain as a result of your workplace injury, don’t assume it will go away on its own. If your spine has been damaged or pushed out of its natural alignment, you will need the assistance of a Brooklyn workers’ compensation chiropractor.

Untreated neck or back pain can lead to other serious problems. A pinched nerve or disc out of place can also cause headaches, numbness, throbbing, lightheadedness, and shooting pain in your limbs. You may also experience severe pain in the shoulders or muscle spasms.

Get your neck or back pain treated as soon as you begin experiencing pain or discomfort. Start your treatment by scheduling a chiropractic appointment with Brooklyn workers’ comp chiropractor Dr. Mollins. He has been serving the Brooklyn area for nearly 30 years. Contact his office today at 347-657-9521.

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