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Prevent Injuries During the Busy Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us, and it’s a very busy time for everybody. During times of increased distractions, there is often more potential for danger. It’s crucial to stay alert and focused on what you are doing, whether on the job or at home to avoid accidents and injuries. We have listed a few things that could go wrong during the next couple of weeks below. Heed this advice to keep your holidays merry!

1. It seems everyone is driving where they have to go in a rush during the holiday season. More cars on the road may mean an increase in car accidents (working or not). Drive at a normal speed and concentrate on the traffic patterns around you. So buckle up and don’t speed.

2. Icy conditions in the greater Brooklyn area are known to cause dangerous driving conditions, so staying alert while driving is key for this potential danger as well. The slick driveways, streets and sidewalks can up the possibility of slip and falls (whether during the scope of your job or not), so wearing boots that have soles with treads is super important so you have traction with each step.

3. If your job includes heavy lifting and manual labor, the boxes only get heavier during the holiday season. So workers at Fed-Ex or UPS need to be extra cautious when it comes to lifting because sometimes items are far heavier than they appear especially during this time period, and you may strain your back, legs, shoulders or other body parts in an effort to move more quickly and get those deliveries out.

4. More stress during this time of year causes people to be distracted, and distracted people are the cause of or are involved in a greater number of accidents…even in their own homes. With holiday decorations all about the house, it’s likely you have a few extra cords or wires running around. If you don’t secure or tuck away these cords properly, there’s a big chance that people in your household or guests can trip and fall. Tuck them away with zip ties or mini bungee cords.

If you do get hurt, visit Dr. Mollins, a workers comp certified chiropractor who has been practicing in Brooklyn for nearly 30 years. Contact us today at 347-657-9521.

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