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Workers Comp Chiropractic Care in Brooklyn

For more than 25 years New York State Workers Compensation Doctor, Dr. Jeff J. Mollins, D.C. has been practicing in downtown Brooklyn, where he specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and documentation of patients who are injured in workers compensation accidents.

So many on-the-job injuries can be treated wholly or partially with chiropractic care. Those who suffer from low back pain, slip and fall injuries, overuse injuries and other pain sustained from work injuries may find great relief from chiropractic correction.

If you are in need of a qualified, compassionate chiropractor following a work injury, contact the Brooklyn office of New York City workers compensation doctor, Dr. Jeff J. Mollins at 1-718 802-0800. Make an appointment; our office staff is meticulous about correct documentation- you receive and complete all of the paperwork necessary to obtain chiropractic treatment coverage through workers comp.

After the appropriate paperwork for NYS workers compensation is completed, Dr. Mollins will conduct a thorough examination, which consists of a complete neurological and orthopedic examination. This also includes an analysis of your posture and complete range of motion, as well as palpation of the spine.

In some cases, Dr. Mollins wants the patient to have x-rays of the spine and perhaps an MRI. After reaching a diagnosis, Dr. Mollins develops a treatment plan customized to each specific patient’s injury, ensuring they are well on their way on the path to recovery.

What does chiropractic treatment involve?

Commonly referred to as an adjustment, Dr. Mollins’ chiropractic treatment of workers comp patients consists of spinal manipulation. Depending on the area of the spine that is affected, that is, the area that lacks mobility, Dr. Mollins will apply gentle force targeted on that area with a purpose of increasing range of motion and decreasing pressure.

Do chiropractic adjustments hurt?

An adjustment is painless and the patient will typically feel much better after the manipulation is performed. Dr. Mollins has been in practice for over 25 years and is an expert at performing chiropractic adjustments. In conjunction with exercise and various forms of physio and physical therapy (moist heat, electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound, etc.), adjustments typically help our patients feel much, much better.

Dr. Jeff J. Mollins provides quality, compassionate, and comprehensive care for all of his patients. Contact us today!

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