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Top 3 Steps for Preventing Workplace Injuries

More than two million workers throughout Brooklyn and the U.S. are injured in the workplace to the point that they cannot return to work after their accident or overuse injury each year. Due to the severe nature of their injury, these once hard-working people need ongoing medical care.

It’s challenging for those living in expensive cities like Brooklyn and the great New York area to cover the cost of their medical treatment on top of their normal bills and payments, especially when they are medically unable to work, or unable to work as many hours as they used to.

Workers who sustained on-the-job injuries must report the incident to their employer immediately and seek a medical assessment by a New York State workers compensation chiropractor Jeff J. Mollins.

Dr. Mollins has practiced in downtown Brooklyn for the last 25 years; him and his entire staff is well-versed in New York State workers compensation, which allows patients to obtain treatment for their injuries without having to worry whether they will be covered by workers comp. Call 1-718 802-0800 to learn more about the chiropractic services Dr. Mollins provides in his Brooklyn office.

Though no one is completely immune to injury, there are several precautions- best practices of sorts- to prevent workplace injuries, so you may have a better chance of protecting yourself from on-the-job injuries. It’s the responsibility of your employer to ensure a safe working environment that minimizes the likelihood of accidents, and also provides the equipment needed to prevent and manage injuries caused by repetitive motions and overuse.

Workplace injuries aren’t limited to those who work in construction; anyone who drives any sort of motor vehicle under the scope of their work duties and even those who work at a desk all day are subject to being injured on the job.

1. Be aware of your surroundings. The more aware workers are of their surroundings, the less likely it is that injuries will happen. If you have any questions about the working environment or the scope of your duties, clarify all items with your employer before beginning work to ensure you have all the correct information, equipment and amount of time you need to get the job done- safely.

2. Assess work vehicles-Workplace driving accidents cost employers an average of $60 billion a year, according to OSHA. Take the precautions you would with your own vehicle or rental before driving a company vehicle: Check tail-lights, turn signals and tire pressure- and of course, make sure there’s gas in the tank!

3. Pay attention to the weather: Whether you work in or outdoors, some peoples’ jobs require them to work in extreme conditions, which has the potential to impact your health a great deal. Be sure to consult with your doctor before working in any extreme conditions if you have a medical condition.

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