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Comprehensive Treatment For Injured Patients

Pain Injury Treatment Specialist

Dr. Jeff Mollins has been practicing his trade for 25 years in Brooklyn. He specializes in treating patients who are injured in an accident, hurt on the job and other compensation claims. When treating those who are injured, he develops a comprehensive and effective treatment regimen to help the patient regain their health and wellness. Injury Treatment | Injury Doctor | Injury Therapy | Brooklyn | New York City (NYC) In addition to his chiropractic care, Dr. Mollins uses a number of different types of physiotherapy as part of his treatment plan. When treating those who are injured, physiotherapy is extremely important to helping aid in the reduction of pain and promote the healing process. Beyond providing patients with chiropractic spinal manipulation, he has a number of other pain management services to help patients get back to health as quickly and painlessly as possible:

Cold therapy is used to treat a variety of acute injuries. This therapy will help to restrict the blood vessels and decrease any inflammation. The swelling and pain will be diminished as a result of this treatment.

Heat therapy is commonly used in those injuries that are more chronic in nature. It works by relaxing the muscles that are tight and causes them to relax. It helps to decrease the amount of pain that is commonly attributed to the spasms and muscle tension. This therapy also causes vasodilation in the blood vessels, which helps to promote circulation into the area and encourage the healing process.

Ultrasound utilizes a low or high frequency sound wave. These waves are transmitted into the surrounding tissues. They work to penetrate your muscles and cause a warming deep within the tissues and muscles. It helps to promote a relaxation in the tissues and can be useful for treating spasms and muscle tightening. Thanks to the warming effect of the sound waves, it will cause circulation to increase and vasodilation to those areas that are in need of healing.

Electrical stimulation utilizes an electric current to help cause muscles to contract. By positioning electrodes onto the various locations around your body, it will help to create contractions in the surrounding muscle fibers to promote strength in those tissues. It will also help to promote an increase in blood supply to help aid in the healing process.

All of these forms of physiotherapy will help to benefit the patient. When used with chiropractic spinal manipulation and exercise, you will be on the way to health and healing. He believes in doing whatever it takes to get you on the path to health.

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