Mar 1

Neck Pain

Dr. Jeff J. Mollins, accident specialist, has been practicing in downtown Brooklyn for 30 years. Dr. Mollins specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and documentation of injuries sustained by individuals involved in accidents (automobile, work, slip and fall, and construction). One of the most common conditions treated by Dr. Mollins is neck pain. Injuries to the cervical spine (neck) are commonly sustained by accident victims. Neck pain can vary from mild to severe but must be diagnosed and treated as expeditiously as possible in order to prevent the injury from becoming dire.

The cervical spine is a marvelous and complex structure. It is capable of supporting a head weighing 15 or more pounds while moving in general directions. No other region of the spine has such freedom of movement. This combination however, complexity and mobility, make the neck susceptible to pain and injury. The following are a list of things that can cause your neck to hurt:

  • Poor posture
  • Repetitive motion
  • Bad sleep habits
  • Gritting your teeth
  • Carrying a heavy shoulder bag or purse
  • Pinched nerves
  • Sports injuries
  • Car accidents (or any accident) involving whiplash
  • Arthritis
  • Tumors

Signs and symptoms of neck pain include:

  • Pain that’s often worsened by holding your head in one position for long periods, such as driving or working at a computer
  • Muscle tightness and spasms
  • Decreased ability to move your head
  • Weakness, tingling, and/or numbness radiating from the neck into the upper extremities
  • Headache

If you sustain an injury to your cervical spine as a result of an accident, you MUST see Dr. Mollins immediately. Dr. Mollins will initially take a careful concise history (which will always include the mechanism of the injury). He will then perform a comprehensive physical examination which will include an orthopedic and neurological evaluation. Diagnostic testing may be required. This type of testing provides an objective evaluation of the cervical spine. General radiology (x-ray) and/or MRI study will provide a structural, visual picture of the cervical spine. EMG/NCV study will provide functional testing of the neck and nerves which exit the neck and travel down the upper extremities.

Once a working diagnosis is established, Dr. Mollins can then place his injured patient on a comprehensive treatment regimen. If his patient responds positively to conservative treatment (physical therapy and/or chiropractic), then typically the injuries sustained will resolve in a relatively short period. However, if the patient does not respond well to conservative care, a more aggressive treatment may be necessary (pain management and/or surgery). In this case, it may require an extended period of time for Dr. Mollins’ patient to achieve wellness.

Always remember, Dr. Mollins and all of his referred medical specialist (orthopedist, neurologist, pain management physicians) are workers compensation certified (in New York State). This means that if you are injured on the job, you can receive treatment for free and be compensated for lost wages. When (and if) you are capable of returning to work, treatment is still available at no cost.