Dec 28

Desk Jobs and Musculoskeletal Injuries

We’ve all seen the myriad of news articles on how sitting all day at a desk can be for your general health, but it’s also about how you sit when you sit.

Though there are countless types of ergonomic office equipment – chairs, desks, keyboard pads – and office furniture out there, many companies may not have the means to purchase these items for their hardworking employees. Some companies might just not want to spent the money on these seemingly unnecessary expenses. However, when a worker incurs an injury, it tends to cost more than such products, whether it’s in the form of workers compensation, lost work hours or decreased productivity.

According to a recent Time magazine report, the world’s number one cause of work disabilities is low back pain and sitting at a desk all day is a top cause of low back issues. Since so many of us work at desk jobs, it’s crucial to be able to identify our pain and report it at your place of employment as soon as you notice the pain in order to be covered by workers compensation.

Many people may associate construction workers and people in other more seemingly physical jobs as the only type who can receive treatment through workers compensation in New York, but at Dr. Mollins Brooklyn office, we treat many people who have incurred musculoskeletal injuries on the job, their desk job.

Whether it’s caused by repetitive motion, overuse or poor posture as a result of un-ergonomic office furniture provided by their company, we provide treatment for patients who have back pain, carpal tunnel and tendonitis, among other injuries of this type.

Musculoskeletal injuries encompass  a range of disorders involving muscles, bones, tendons, blood vessels, nerves and other soft tissues. These are also commonly referred to as repetitive strain injuries.

Certified by the State of New York to provide treatment for injured workers by the NYS Workers Compensation Board, Dr. Mollins is keenly aware of the signs and symptoms associated with repetitive stress injuries and injuries caused by poor posture (due to desk job responsibilities).

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